History @ The Axeman's Hall Of Fame, Latrobe, Tasmania

History @ The Axeman's Hall Of Fame, Latrobe, Tasmania

History @ The Axeman'sHistory @ The Axeman'sHistory @ The Axeman'sHistory @ The Axeman's

History @ The Axeman'sHistory @ The Axeman'sHistory @ The Axeman'sHistory @ The Axeman's

Bell's Parade is the site of the Australian Axeman's Hall of Fame and Timberworks. It was here that the first world woodchopping championship was staged in 1891 and the sport was born.
The history of competitive woodchopping is the story of Australia's pioneering bushmen and their families. Sadly, the unique culture and bush skills are dying along with the last generation to work the forests with an axe and crosscut saw.
The Australian Axeman's Hall of Fame and Timberworks is the first national museum dedicated to this aspect of our colonial history. It is also an educational and entertainment centre.
The museum displays the harvesting, milling and building techniques of our early pioneers. It also celebrate the greats of woodchopping and sawing, include photographs, trophies, championship axes, the Foster Experience and other interesting memorabilia.
Museum displays are built around a central indoor exhibition space, ideal for skill displays, trade shows, conferences, seminars and woodchopping demonstrations.

The displays include:

  • Theatrette, featuring audio-visual presentations on the harsh life in the bush, the history of the Australian timber industry and related cultural aspects, including the development of competitive woodchopping.
  • Pit Saw Display, early bush timber-milling and the growth of mechanised mills.
  • Cross-Cut Saw, Axe and Adze, displays showing examples and the use of the important tools and the slab, paling, shingle-splitting and post and rail building styles.
  • Development of the mechanical chainsaw, and the history of bush transport and log-hauling from bullock teams to bush railways and lorries.
  • Forest Harvesting and Management Today, showing how methods have evolved to the present day and a look at future forest management, including an examination of vital issues such as plantations and the sustainable management of our forests.
  • The Origins of Axemen's Carnivals, and the early competitions including the first World Championship competition held at Latrobe.

It is a sporting history like no other, notable for its family links from one generation to the next. It is a sport with a direct connection to the bush spirit of Australia, as much in need of preservation as the story of our pioneering forefathers.
Facilities within the museum also include a Cafe and a Craft and Souvenir shop.

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